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Keep your business working in a changing world. Whether your team is at home or on the road, we'll keep them secure, connected, and productive.

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Adapt Your Current IT Systems

If your systems aren't up to scratch but time is critical, we can quickly modify your current environment to provide remote working support. In this fast-changing world, being swift is essential. We'll get you up and running rapidly so you can focus on protecting your business.

Quicksilver Private Cloud

Harness the cutting-edge power of SquareAlpha's own private cloud platform. Built from the ground up to be fast, reliable, and flexible, our private cloud platform is ready to meet your business needs. Rapid end-to-end migration means a hassle-free but lightning-fast cloud transition.

Cloud Phone

There's no substitute for a conversation between people. SquareAlpha Cloud Phone can be deployed rapidly, giving you a flexible fixed cost telephony service that works from anywhere in the world.

New to remote work? Here's a free resource to get you started.

The show must go on.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the venerable West Australian Opera was forced to close at short notice. On that same day, an electrical fault within the empty building took their on-premise systems offline. Restoration was days away and even then, their work would be hampered by an office unable to access high-speed internet services.

That afternoon, all systems were swiftly relocated to the SquareAlpha network, granting users reliable, fast, and secure access to their files and tools. Our Service Desk assisted all users with getting back online. The WA Opera team was then able to focus on steering their historic business through the uncharted waters of a global pandemic.

  • Disaster Recovery
  • Data Centre & Cloud Services
  • Remote Support

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