People Powered Technology.

Your business runs on IT - is IT running you? Get back to what's important with SquareAlpha.

Get the one thing you've always wanted: everything.

From our Perth headquarters, we serve small and mid-size businesses throughout Australia and around the world. We’ve distilled enterprise-grade technology and combined it with a people-focused approach, enabling us to provide high quality services tailored for your business. With a long track record of providing innovative and reliable solutions to our clients, SquareAlpha will transform the way you use technology.

Brilliant IT solutions

Our complete range of services means you can get on with doing business.

Our Expertise

We serve businesses of all sizes across many industries. Whatever you do, we can build great solutions for you.

World class partners

To ensure you get the best, we proudly work with innovators and technology leaders.

Don't just take our word for it

With a little help from us, our clients are thriving. Our brilliant solutions are helping them achieve greatness. Just ask them.

In addition to providing us with IT managed services to support our day-to-day operations, systems maintenance, security, and strategic planning, SquareAlpha has also successfully executed several asset replacement and technology upgrade programs.

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With SquareAlpha on your team, the sky is the limit.

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