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Why should you join our team?

Whatever your role at SquareAlpha, you won't get bored. We serve businesses of all sizes, in countless industries, in many different locations. Because no two clients are the same, there's always something new to learn. If you're just getting started and want to build a solid foundation, or you're an industry veteran looking for a new challenge, you'll find it at SquareAlpha.

There's no hiding the fact that our industry can be tough. We won't lie to you - at times, you'll find yourself juggling multiple high priority tasks, or having to learn something new on the fly. This is why we do our best to create times for deep work, learning, and even relaxing. We trust our team to tackle challenges in their own way. We encourage people to try new things, and we believe that failing is part of success. We think this environment creates greatness. 

We've worked hard to build a great place to work, we're committed to empowering, training, and supporting every person on our team. We encourage people to experiment and pursue their passion projects. We also have snacks and great coffee. You might just win our annual go-kart Grand Prix (but don't count on it).

Who are you?

You know that technology isn't just about servers, networks, or code - it's about solving problems for people.You know that the greatest idea in the world doesn't mean much if you can't explain it and you can't execute. You've realised that winning is often about simply showing up and outworking the competition. You believe that you are responsible for your own success.

You know that you can change your life and change the world with a laptop and internet connection. You don't want to be part of a giant machine that is indifferent to your contribution. If this isn't you, we wish you luck. If this is you, get in touch. 

Of course, you'll need the skills relevant to your role. However, that's not enough for SquareAlpha. We want you to bring your whole self to work. Every person that joins our team adds to the dynamic we have, so we don't want people who fit inside a neat little box. Everyone, even those in non-technical roles, is a geek about something - so tell us about your passion. Tell us about your side hustle. What about the time you invented a solution to a problem you were having? We're all ears.

Our Team

We invite people to join our team if we know they're going to uphold our values and deliver amazing results for our clients. Each member of the SquareAlpha team is an expert in their field, and will always work hard for your business. Our team is empowered to use their own experience, talent, and intuition to make decisions and solve problems. We have training programs to keep our skills sharp, and plenty of little perks to make life better. 

Our team is our biggest asset - and yours.

Work with SquareAlpha

System Support Officer

Application Deadline
July 3, 2019

Operations Improvement Manager

Full Time
Application Deadline
June 27, 2019

Technical Support Officer

Full Time
Application Deadline
July 1, 2019

Current Openings

People Powered Technology starts with our team. If you are looking to join our growing team get in touch at

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