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Quicksilver Private Cloud is SquareAlpha’s homegrown cloud platform. We handpicked the best technology, and engineered our cloud from the ground up to be secure, reliable, and fast. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from the power of Quicksilver Private Cloud.

No more downtime. No more huge IT capex. No more noisy servers in the office. No more warranties or part replacements. This is the cloud, but with the first class service you expect from SquareAlpha.

Of course, you want the flexibility and performance of cloud technology - but how do you get there? Our complete end-to-end service means we'll take care of you every step of the way, so you can harness the power of the cloud - without the complexity or confusion.

Why do businesses trust SquareAlpha Quicksilver Private Cloud?

Guaranteed reliability & availability
Always current – no upgrade, no asset purchase
Simple pricing without hidden extras
Managed by your trusted IT partner
Own and control your data
Financially backed service level guarantees
Connect to the SquareAlpha Global Network
High speed last mile connections around Australia
Dedicated connections to public cloud providers available
Cost-effective replacement for self-owned infrastructure

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With SquareAlpha on your team, the sky is the limit.

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