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From harsh conditions on remote sites to teams spread across time zones, we know how to tackle the ICT challenges faced by mining and resources companies.

Do you want to burn time and capital on flaky systems and unresponsive support? Of course not. Our team has designed, built, and supported sites around the world. With SquareAlpha, you’ll have an expert IT team in place without the hassles and overhead.

Why do mining & resources companies choose SquareAlpha?

Remote support of sites across the globe
Design and delivery of tailored ICT infrastructure
Connectivity and collaboration for remote teams
Advanced backup and disaster recovery
High-performance computing & control systems

The challenge: connect two remote sites in Western Africa to the existing ICT environment. Facilitate seamless communication and collaboration between global teams.

In just four days, a SquareAlpha team was able to visit both African sites and implement a complete, working solution. This project was delivered on time and within budget beforethe start of mining production.

SquareAlpha proposed and executed an IT transformation project, delivering a cloud-based, flexible, and resilient IT environment while reducing our operational expenditure. On the strength of the project, we engaged SquareAlpha to provide managed services. SquareAlpha has continued to deliver on their promises, providing high levels of service at all times.

Cliff Lawrenson

Managing Director
Avenira Limited
  • Hybrid fixed-line, cellular, and satellite connectivity.
  • Seamless roaming for executives between sites.
  • Cloud-based file sharing for collaboration.
  • High redundancy to minimise travel to site.
  • Low-cost cloud voice communications between sites.
  • Full remote support capabilities.
  • 24x7 monitoring of system status.

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