Flexible Knowledge

Through working with unique companies in a wide range of industries and stages, we’ve built IT expertise in mining, business, healthcare and not-for-profit. Our diverse expertise gives us the flexibility you need in a managed IT provider.

Small and Medium Business

Whether your business is big or small, don’t let a bad IT system get in the way of doing your best work. By partnering with SquareAlpha, you’ll have support from a team of experts. Our success is defined by crossing-off IT headaches from your to-do list.

Mining and Resources

SquareAlpha has experience building IT solutions for businesses in the resource sector, all around the world. Partnering with SquareAlpha will help you tackle big projects, minimise downtime and manage remote operations. Discover how high-speed support and reliable technology can upgrade your business’s success.

Aged Care and Healthcare

Having secure and fast access to your data is essential for high-quality care. SquareAlpha has worked with a wide variety of businesses in health and aged care, getting to know the unique IT headaches that come with managing a local practice to a large aged-care facility. Your team will notice the difference and, in turn, will provide better care.


IT problems shouldn’t distract your non-profit from having an impact on the world. SquareAlpha has the capability to support and amplify the efforts of your organisation by transforming your technology and acting as a trusted IT partner. When it comes to achieving your mission, don’t let IT hold you back.

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