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It's phone, but not as you know it.

There’s no substitute for a conversation between people. In a world of emails, text messages, and social media, phone is still a great way to connect. Why do so many businesses rely on expensive, inflexible, and flaky legacy phone systems?

Whether you’re a single office, a roaming team, or an enterprise with sites around the world, you’ll enjoy the power and simplicity of SquareAlpha Cloud Phone.

You’ll never have to deal with the big telcos again.

No Hidden Costs – Simple Per-Handset Pricing
Uncapped Calls to Landlines & Mobiles Throughout Australia
Works Worldwide & Travels With You
Disaster Proof
Keep your Existing Phone Numbers
From Setup to Support, We’ll Handle Everything
Call Centre Capable
Supported & Maintained Forever

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With SquareAlpha on your team, the sky is the limit.

What are you waiting for? Say goodbye to phone headaches and wasted time.

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